The factors that determine the price of professional photography are manifold. Ergo, a comprehensive, set-in-stone, price list cannot be provided: thus, the prices below are given as a guide only. Please contact the photographer for a final quote, or if you have a fixed budget. Likewise, for projects that require building sets, catering, models, special backgrounds, stylists, et cetera.


Architectural and Commercial Photography

Base Creative Fee:  $ 849.00

Price includes basic retouching and providing the licensed images on disc or via the Internet. Prints are extra.

All prices are plus expenses.

* Price does not include the cost of the image(s) licence(s).


Business Portraiture


Business Headshots Packages

The Express
$ 195

The Impress
$ 295

The Apex
$ 395

1 outfit1-2 outfits2-3 outfits
1 backdrop1 backdrop1-3 backdrops
2 retouched, high resolution images3 retouched, high resolution images5 retouched, high resolution images
1 7x5" print1 7x5" & 4 2.5x3.5" wallet prints


Executive Portraiture Packages

The Young Gun
$ 295

The Entrepreneur
$ 445

The Magnate
$ 595

1 setting2-3 settings3-4 settings
1-2 outfits1-2 outfits1-3 outfits
3 retouched, high resolution images2 retouched, high resolution images per setting4 retouched, high resolution images per setting
1 8x12" mounted desk art print with easelChoice of:
-2 8x12" mounted desk art prints with easel, or
-1 16x24 wall décor mounted print

For all packages:

  • Proofs posted to a password-protected online gallery
  • Lifetime licence: client is free to print pictures whenever, wherever‡


Company Headshots

For companies with more than 5 employees it’s usually best to do the headshots session on site: the ‘studio’ can be set up in an office, board room, warehouse, etc.

Following an approach not unlike the High-volume Product Photography model, the photography is charged per image, with the price per photo getting lower the more final images are delivered, as follows:


Minimum charge: $ 395.00 (Includes the first 5 participants [1 photo per person])

5-9$ 95.00 ea.
10-19$ 85.00 ea.
20-29$ 75.00 ea.
30-39$ 65.00 ea.
40-49$ 55.00 ea.
50+$ 45.00 ea.

‘Headshot’ v. ‘Portrait’

The definitions of these two terms seem to be as varied as the number of photographers; thus, in order to avoid confusion and to explain the difference in pricing between the two, here is how these two terms are used by Diamant Studios:

Headshot will mean, for the most part, a ‘head and shoulders’ photograph of a person. The framing can be tighter or looser, but the essence of the photograph remains a close-up on the person’s face. While more than one pose and expression can be obtained, the lighting and backgrounds tend to remain consistent. Headshot sessions tend to be shorter than Portraiture sessions.

Portraiture encompasses, in addition to face close-ups, half- and/or full-body shots, environmental portraits, and a number of different poses, looks and angles. As a result, Portraiture sessions tend to be longer than one hour, as they might require different lighting setups and/or backgrounds.


Advertising and Editorial Photography

Please contact the photographer for a quote and to define image rights and usage.


  • Additional retouched images: $45/each for headshots; $75 for portraiture.
  • Except where specified, fees do not include prints: all photos are delivered as digital files. Prints are, however, available in several sizes and media (paper, canvas, aluminium, etc.), please enquire for pricing.
  • All prices are plus taxes and subject to change at any time without notice.

‡ The licence is for personal usage only. It does not allow alteration of the picture or its re-sale. Please see our Policies for more detailed information.

Additionally, you can refer to the FAQ for an in-depth view on Diamant Studios’ pricing principles.