About Diamant Studios

Diamant [de-ah-MANT]  Studios is operated by Henry Godnitz, a Regina-based photographer who focuses chiefly on architectural, commercial, and product photography –with the occasional landscape shot (so as not to develop photo-myopia).

When asked to elaborate on his photography, Mr Godnitz declares:

‘Artistically, I follow a subject-centred approach in my photography. I espouse that photography is the art of communicating visually the message of still(ed) subjects; thus, a photographer is principally a communicator, tasked with being the voice of a silent subject. Photography is not so much about expressing myself, but rather about effectively expressing what is most (or least) expressive in a given subject: The subject is more important than the photograph –or the photographer even.

‘On the technical side, I am not a fan of excessive post-production enhancements. I strive to “get it right” in-camera, and I use Photoshop only as a finisher, a refiner of the final product. Most of my especial effects or image enhancements, I achieve through lighting, not post-production. To further that end, I use only pro-grade Canon™ and Zeiss™ lenses, and state-of-the-art lighting equipment made in Germany by Hensel™.’



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